The Best Advice from Year 1 Guests Part 1

The Best Advice from Year 1 Guests

This is a special recap episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast. You'll hear the advice that my guests from episodes 2-22 would give themselves when they were going through their tough times based on what they know now. 

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Individual Episode Links

Episode 2 - Connecting the Dots Between Trauma and Growth with Meron Bareket

Episode 3 - From Being Bullied to Helping Others Find Their Purpose with Derrick Duplessy

Episode 4 - Finding the Start of Your Happiness with Brendan Baker

Episode 5 - Putting Yourself Out There Again After Being Bullied with Ellory Wells

Episode 6 - Using Your Past to Make Yourself Stronger Today with Ted Ryce

Episode 7 - Overcoming Insecurities and Making Friends with Anyone with Julie Sheranosher

Episode 8 - What It Means to Be Human with Wesley Chapman

Episode 9 - Thriving In a New Normal After Cancer with Debbie Woodbury

Episode 10 - Learning to Believe In Yourself Again After Abuse with Athena Moberg

Episode 12 - How Time Lessens the Scars of Being Bullied with Anonymous

Episode 13 - Achieving Emotional Freedom by Accepting What You Can't Change with Hal Elrod

Episode 14 - Coping with the Bullies When You're the Outsider with Kimberly Ewing

Episode 15 - Kicking Fear Aside to Rise Above Life's Challenges with Berni Xiong

Episode 16 - Forgiving Yourself for What Wasn't Your Fault with Amy Collier

Episode 17 - Taking Back Control of Your Life After Years of Abuse with Bobbi Parish

Episode 18 - Reframing Past Experiences In Order to Move On with Robyn King

Episode 19 - Loving Yourself and Embracing Who You Truly Are with Jade Inspiration

Episode 20 - Realizing You Have the Power to Change the Situation with Ellen Bard

Episode 21 - How to Acknowledge Loss but Still Celebrate Life with Zander Sprague

Episode 22 - From Rock Bottom to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be with Jenna Kandyce Linch

Other Links Mentioned

Bullying Survivors Virtual Summit - landing page where you find out what the summit was about

Bullying Survivors Virtual Summit Lifetime Access - where you can purchase lifetime access of each session plus a downloadable PDF Summit Resource Guide

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