The Best Advice from Year 1 Guests Part 2

Recap episode part 2: the best advice from year 1 guests

This is a special recap episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast. You'll hear the advice that my guests from episodes 24-50 would give themselves when they were going through their tough times based on what they know now. 

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Individual Episode Links

Episode 24 - Choosing Happiness In Spite of the Circumstances with Christina Soto

Episode 25 - How to Turn Adversity Into Success In Life with Navid Moazzez

Episode 26 - Creating a Community of Healing and Empowerment with Ruth Krug

Episode 27 - Focusing On the Positive Effects of a Negative Experience with Keith Edmonds

Episode 28 - Getting Past Life's Limitations to Live the Life You Deserve with Davis Nguyen

Episode 29 - Living a Better Life After Bullying Than You Think Possible with Jenny Leigh

Episode 30 - Letting Go of the Past to Create a New Future with Dan Erickson

Episode 31 - Separating the Emotions from the Trauma of Abuse with Heather Durling

Episode 32 - Rewriting Your Story to Create a Happy Ending with Theresa Vigarino

Episode 33 - Recovering Repressed Memories and Beating Trauma with Elisabeth Corey

Episode 34 - Reclaiming Your Safety and Living from Happiness with Melanie Harth

Episode 35 - Redefining Who You Are After Trauma with Nikki Anne Schmutz

Episode 37 - Healing Your Authentic Self After Emotional Abuse with Katherine Mayfield

Episode 38 - How to Heal Your Wounded Child through Self-Love with Woody Haiken

Episode 39 - The Good, Bad and Ugly of Growing Up Bullied with Kevin Horgan

Episode 40 - Leaning On Your Past to Be Strong Today with Leslie Clary

Episode 41 - From Victim to Victor and Worrying No More with Bruce Van Horn

Episode 42 - Moving from Victim to Survivor to Thriver with Svava Brooks

Episode 43 - Becoming a Surviving Spirit through Hope, Healing and Help with Michael Skinner

Episode 44 - Surviving the Abuse of a Psychotic Parent with Susannah Birch

Episode 45 - Responding to Unexpected Challenges In a Healthy Way with Margo Rose

Episode 46 - Tackling Your Issues to Get to Beyond Surviving with Rachel Grant

Episode 47 - Resolving the Emotions from Your Past with Graham Stoney

Episode 48 - Climbing the Steep Side of the Mountain of Life with Emmanuel Wolfe

Episode 49 - Emerging from Broken by Discovering the Truth with Darlene Ouimet

Episode 50 - Breaking Free of the Labels of Mental Illness with Leah Harris

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