The Best Advice from Year 3 Guests

The Best Advice from Year 3 Guests

This is a special recap episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast. You’ll hear the advice that my guests from episodes 97-117 would have given themselves when they were going through their tough times based on what they know now.  

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Individual Episode Links

Episode 97 - Dealing with Abuse When the Abuse Was by a Family Member  with Anney Evans

Episode 98 - Realizing the Lies We Are Told and Breaking Free with Amen Oyiboke

Episode 99 - Reclaiming Your Life by Choosing How You Move Forward with Sasha Joseph Neulinger

Episode 101 - Healing from Past Trauma Through Writing and Peer Support with Christine Cissy White

Episode 102 - Building Your Confidence After Years of Family Bullying with Nathan Segal

Episode 103 - Overcoming Pain and Struggle to Become Bulletproof with Justin Peck

Episode 104 - Update Episode: Alan Eisenberg

Episode 105 - How to Stop Feeding the Monsters in Your Life with Veronica Loving

Episode 106 - Facing Your Fears and Overcoming Challenges with Confidence with Cassie Gannis

Episode 107 - Choosing Yourself in Order to Heal from Abuse with Farrha Hyman

Episode 108 - Update Episode: Emily Stroia

Episode 109 - Evolving from a Traumatic past into a Beautiful Life Today with Annie Kim

Episode 110 - Turning Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Strength with Dr. John A. King

Episode 111 - Taking Charge of Your Life and Creating Your Future with Michelle Lewis

Episode 112 - Empowering Yourself to Break Free of the Patterns of Abuse with Dr. Rose Maina

Episode 113 - Shifting Your Perspective to Break Free of the Past with Maria Salomao-Schmidt

Episode 114 - Update Episode: Derrick Duplessy

Episode 115 - From Bullied and Isolated to Helping Others Leave a Legacy with Tina Dietz

Episode 116 - Moving Beyond the Trauma to Find Healing and Happiness with Mary Ellen Sinclair

Episode 117 - Developing the Confidence to Be Yourself After Bullying with Ngozi Kemjika

Other Links Mentioned

Bullying Survivors Virtual Summit 

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