The Best Advice from Year 2 Guests Part 1

The Best Advice from Year 2 Guests Part 1

This is a special recap episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast. You’ll hear the advice that my guests from episodes 54-74 would have given themselves when they were going through their tough times based on what they know now.

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Individual Episode Links

Episode 54 - Developing Skills to Deal with New Memories with Susan Jacobi

Episode 55 - Being the Director of Your Life and Rewriting the Past with Patrick Hodges

Episode 56 - Setting Physical and Emotional Boundaries After Bullying with Michael Phillips

Episode 58 - Feeling Free, at Peace and Full of Love with Iva Ursano

Episode 59 - How to Use Your Past to Empower You Today with Mike Pistorino

Episode 60 - Going Beyond the Abuse to Thrive with Misa Leonessa

Episode 61 - Building Communities of Hope, Healing and Support with Christopher Anderson

Episode 62 - Healing from Complex PTSD After Bullying with Alan Eisenberg

Episode 63 - Reframing the Narrative of Our Lives with Dan Griffin

Episode 64 - Using Mindfulness and Gratitude as Ways to Heal with Lucy Chen

Episode 65 - Moving Beyond Surviving to Living Fully with Andrew O'Brien

Episode 66 - Battling through Addiction and Unresolved Childhood Trauma with Chris Dorval

Episode 67 - Getting Everything Back After Losing It All with Natalie Calkins Rountree

Episode 68 - How Travel Can Help Us Heal from Trauma with Leanna Johnson

Episode 69 - The Impact of Adoption On the Life of the Adoptee with Lisa Floyd

Episode 70 - Facing the Fear of Rejection to Overcome It with Sherrie Eldridge

Episode 71 - How to Break Free of the Power of Trauma's Grip with Becky Perkins

Episode 72 - Growing by Doing the Work Necessary to Heal with David Moody

Episode 73 - Boosting Your Confidence and Overcoming Negative Beliefs with Mike Goncalves

Episode 74 - Giving a Voice to the Innocent with Jamie Sivrais

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