From Being Bullied to Helping Others Find Their Purpose

Helping others find their purpose

In this episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast, I'm joined by Derrick Duplessy of the Duplessy Foundation and the Purpose Rockstar podcast. Derrick joins me to share his story of how he went from being bullied to being the bully to where he is today helping others find their purpose.

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The Details

Traumatic experience:

Derrick was bullied every day for a year on a school bus during elementary school. The bullying was both verbal and physical, to the point where the bullies would cause him to bleed and sustain injuries.

Effects of the traumatic experience:

One of the effects the bullying had on Derrick was that he became a bully himself in order to let out anger he had from getting bullied. He also had a hard time trusting others, even into adulthood.

Overcoming the traumatic experience:

Part of what helped Derrick overcome the bullying was realizing that the sooner he told someone about what was happening, the sooner the abuse would end. That led him to be in a position where it was easier for him to own what had happened to him and not let it bottle up. He also has the mindset that he doesn't have time or space in his life for people who don't like him or have an issue with him, and he doesn't let them upset him.

What Derrick does today:

Derrick runs the Duplessy Foundation where they help artists and creatives turn their art into a business. He also hosts the Purpose Rockstar podcast where he talks to individuals who have found purpose in their careers. He's also going to be launching the Purpose Rockstar Club, a career coaching club where he will be helping people take their careers to the next level and do what matters to them.

Final Question:

Given what you know now, if you could go back to when you were going through the tough times and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Derrick's Answer: Tell somebody!

Links Mentioned

Duplessy Foundation - Derrick's Foundation that works with artists and creatives in Boston - Derrick's website where you can find his podcast and upcoming career coaching club

Gary Namie interview - Derrick's interview about the Miami Dolphins bullying situaion - Where you can see the photography of a girl Derrick is mentoring

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