My Journey to Getting off an Antidepressant After 15 Years

My Journey to Getting off an Antidepressant After 15 Years

This is a special solo episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast. I share the journey that I have been on for the past 10 months to get off of an antidepressant that I have been on for the past 15 years, along with what led me to take this medication in the first place and why I am deciding to come off of it now.

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Mentioned in the episode:

  • Why I am sharing this part of my story now
  • The story of what led me to going onto an antidepressant in the first place
  • What led me to begin thinking about coming off of my medication
  • How I found a doctor who could help me
  • What the past 10 months have been like
  • A setback that developed two months ago
  • The positive aspects of this journey
  • A major realization I've had recently
  • My motivation for completing this journey
  • Plans for the podcast going forward

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