How to Support a Spouse Who Is an Abuse Survivor

How to support a spouse who is an abuse survivor with Chris Wilson

This is a special episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast. I'm joined by my husband, Chris Wilson, to discuss his perspective on having a spouse who is an abuse survivor and how someone can best support their significant other if they are a survivor. 

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Mentioned in the episode:

  • My husband's previous experience (or lack thereof) with someone who had an abusive or traumatic childhood
  • My husband's previous knowledge of depression and anxiety or other trauma-related issues such as triggers and PTSD
  • How he could suspect something different about me when we started dating
  • How he felt when I started telling him about my past and the things I still struggle with today
  • How he has evolved as a supporter over the time we've been together
  • Where we're at now when it comes to dealing with issues that are a result of my past
  • My husband's best advice for other spouses or partners of abuse survivors
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  1. Good job Melissa! Great to hear Chris behind the mic =)

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