Shifting Your Perspective to Break Free of the Past

Shifting Your Perspective to Break Free of the Past with Maria Salomao-Schmidt

In this episode, I’m joined by Maria Salomao-Schmidt, author of Finally Full of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNAMaria joins me to share her story of how she’s been able to break free of her past to live life to the fullest by shifting her perspective on her past experiences.  

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The Details

Traumatic experience:

Maria was verbally and physically abused by her father from the ages of 4-20. She was also bullied in school.

Effects of the traumatic experience:

Maria suffered with some PTSD after the abuse ended. Maria was also stuck in a victim mentality for a while, and she thought that what happened to her was her fault.

Overcoming the traumatic experience:

Maria started to shift the way she saw things and learned to let go of the past. Meditation and journaling have also been really helpful for her.

What Maria does today: Maria is an author, speaker, and coach.

Final Question:

Given what you know now, if you could go back to when you were going through the tough times and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Maria's Answer: She would send her younger self love and let her know that where she's going is going to be amazing.   

Links Mentioned

Finally Full of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA - Maria's book - Maria's website where you can learn more about her work

Facebook - Maria's Facebook page

Coach Me Maria Facebook group - Maria's Facebook group

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  1. Thank you Melissa for another inspiring interview

  2. I am listening to this interview with MARIA, I started crying, and crying, because like her Iam portuguese born in PORTUGUESE AFRICA .Iwas daughter of a portuguese father, someknow I KNOW exactly wha SHE has been going through during her childhood,I also had some probles but not quite the same, my father was very strict, very demanding, but I cannot complain about abuse like that…but my education was DISCIPLINE, DISCIPLINE…..a very austere education…..there was love, but very few times… I know what MARIA suffered…..but as she says te cicle continues on and on….after the father comes the boyfriend who becomes jealous, then the husband whom becomes demanding, even na older brother can hurt you being aggressive, etc..etc…thank you MARIA for your open heart,your honesty telling about your story and how brave you are for sharing your suffering, I just cannot await to read your book MARIA, I will do the Reading with my open heart and with my deepest feelings I will accept your words, meantime I also do MEDITATION LIKE MARIA I think t is then only way to free ourselves….LOVE TO YOU BOTH MARIA AND MELISSA

  3. Tammy Pease says:

    Thank you Melissa for hosting Maria.
    Maria you Rock. Love you, and keep the love rising. 😘😇💙🌹🕊

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