Bullying Survivors Virtual Summit

12 Bullying Experts Address Topics Related to Helping You Overcome the Effects of Bullying

This is for you if...

  • You're a survivor of bullying and you're still dealing with its debilitating after effects
  • You support a survivor of bullying and you want to learn more about how you can help them

​Meet the Speakers!

Some of the speakers have been included in such media outlets as CNN, The Today Show, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Psychology Today, and Seventeen Magazine.
Jean Healey

Jean Healey, EdD - Freelance Author, Researcher, and Education Consultant

What Bullying Is and What It Is Not

Evelyn Field, OAM - Psychologist, Author, and Speaker

Adult Bullying and Resiliency

Raychelle Cassada Lohmann

Raychelle Cassada Lohmann, MS, LPC - Professional Counselor and International Author

Therapy as a Treatment Option

William Marchand

William Marchand, MD - Psychiatrist, Author, Mindfulness Teacher

Mindfulness as a Coping Strategy

Martin Antony

Martin Antony, PhD - Professor at Ryerson University, Toronto

Dealing with Anxiety

Lucy Bowes

Lucy Bowes, PhD - Professor at The University of Oxford, England

Dealing with Depression

Glenn Schiraldi

Glenn Schiraldi, PhD - Founder of Resilience Training International

Rebuilding Self-esteem

Anna Bucy

Anna Bucy, EdD - Bullying Prevention Consultant, Speaker, and Educator

Assertiveness: What It Is and How to Develop It

Victoria Follette

Victoria Follette, PhD - Professor at The University of Nevada, Reno

Revictimization and Retraumatization

Susanne Babbel

Susanne Babbel, PhD, MFT - Licensed Psychotherapist

Dealing with Triggers / PTSD

Dorothy Espelage

Dorothy Espelage, PhD - Professor at The University of Florida

Bullying Related to Gender and Sexuality

Cathy Kezelman

Cathy Kezelman, AM - President of ASCA, Australia

Support Systems and Supporting a Survivor

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More of what you'll learn in this summit...

  • Why bullying happens
  • The different types of bullying behavior
  • What causes someone to bully an adult
  • How you can develop social and emotional resilience skills
  • How therapy can help someone who has been bullied
  • What to expect when going to see a therapist
  • What mindfulness is
  • How mindfulness can help someone who is dealing with depression or anxiety 
  • Treatment options for anxiety disorders
  • Ways to cope when experiencing anxiety
  • How being bullied as an adolescent can lead to depression as an adult
  • Treatment options for depression for someone who was bullied
  • Ways in which bullying affects self-esteem
  • How to start rebuilding self-esteem after bullying
  • How bullying affects your ability to be assertive
  • How to develop assertiveness skills
  • What revictimization is and how it relates to retraumatization
  • What you can do if you are being revictimized or retraumatized
  • How bullying can lead to PTSD
  • Ways to manage symptoms and triggers associated with PTSD
  • The outcomes faced by those who were bullied because of their sexuality
  • The line between homophobic bullying and sexual harassment 
  • How to best support a survivor
  • What a supporter can do if they start feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the situation

And much more!​​​​​

 What You Get

When you buy now you'll get instant lifetime access to The Bullying Survivors Virtual Summit!

That includes 12 MP3 audio recordings with the experts listed above along with The Bullying Survivors Resource Guide, which includes links to all of the resources mentioned in the sessions.

You'll  be able to stream the recordings anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How will I gain access to the sessions after my purchase?

How long are the sessions?

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Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Meet Your Host

Melissa Wilson is the creator of The Grass Gets Greener website and podcast as well as a Certified Life Coach. As a survivor of childhood bullying and child abuse, Melissa uses her past experiences along with a background in psychology to guide her in the work she does today. Melissa's mission is to empower survivors of childhood trauma and abuse to realize their true potential and live the life they desire and deserve to live.

Get instant access to The Bullying Survivors Virtual Summit now for only $47!

Learn from 12 experts in the field about how you can start rebuilding your life after bullying!


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